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[ Overview ]

Linknx is only one component of a bigger project. The goal is to get the maximum comfort and flexibility from my KNX domotic system while keeping the smallest possible resource consumtion (in other words, I don't wanted to have a dedicated PC running 24/7 for this). To achieve this goal, I use a Linksys WRT54GS wifi router running OpenWRT. The physical access to the KNX bus is ensured by the EIBD daemon, connected to the bus using a BCU2 bus coupling unit and a home made-interface using FT1.2 protocol.

With EIBD running and connected, we can send and receive telegrams on the bus, but a major component is still missing. We need something to keep the state of all the group objects, so that a visualization or automation tool can get this state instantaneously without having to request it over the KNX bus.

That's the job of linknx:

  • Keep state of all configured group objects
  • Allow other components of the system to read/modify this state
  • Allow user to configure rules, specifying actions to execute when a condition is met

[ Linknx ]

Information about LinKNX configuration, interaction with other applications and EIBD interface to the KNX bus are covered in details in the LinKNX Wiki

[ Other components ]

With the XML based interface provided by linknx, a visualization web component can be realized very easily. As a proof of concept, I made a small php example displaying light and heating status of a house.

For advanced configuration, my plan is to develop a java GUI app or applet interacting with linknx using the same XML protocol.

The most up-to-date information about XML based interface to linknx can be found in the wiki page Interacting with Linknx

[ BCU2 UART interface ]
Schematic (Eagle)

[ OpenWRT ]
WhiteRussian RC6 ipkg